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Coloring Relaxation for Kids and Adults

It’s hard for kids and adults to be focused and productive without the energy and sense of calm that result from a good night’s sleep. You may feel edgy and even grumpy. Art therapy — or, simply, coloring relaxation — can help. Coloring Relaxation Coloring has always been popular with children, and now adults are also finding it’s a great way to unwind. So, Coloring relaxation is a low-stress, meditative activity that allows you to focus, calm down and release your creative potential. It’s also very popular because it is non-competitive and very relaxation. Coloring Books for Adults and Children […]

Benefits of coloring for adults

There are many times when I suggest adult coloring books to patients. Of course, they look at me like perhaps we should be switching seats. However, time and again, they come back to me and tell me how beneficial they find them to be. Many psychologists and therapists “prescribe” these to patients for various reasons. Many occupational therapists prescribe them as well for because of the benefits of coloring! I will also let you know that I practice what I preach, when I was laid up in bed for eight weeks after major surgery. I devoured adult coloring books. When […]

Happy New Year 2018!

We are starting with a new templates page. Soon you will find here loads of kids and adults coloring pages and a big pack of kids learning worksheets!